Free Services

Pregnancy Adoption, and Abortion Information

We can tell you everything you need to know about your pregnancy all the options you have. Don't make a decision without all the information. 


We offer free stick pregnancy test. We are not a medical facility and cannot do bloodwork tests.

Post-Abortion Help

Peer counseling for those who have undergone an abortion in the past.

Earn While Your Learn Program 

If you are pregnant or have a child under two, you can take parenting classes to earn points to redeem for baby items. 

Baby and Maternity Items

Earn items every week when enrolled in one of our programs, or get a one time gift of whatever you need for your child. 

Abstinence Education

Learn about the benifits of waiting till marriage. Great for teens or adults.

Peer Counseling and Emotional Support

We are not licensed counselors but we can offer Biblical advice and an ear to listen. 

Nurturing Parenting Program

We offer a program of parenting classes for those who have been court ordered to take them. This program is totaly free!

Fatherhood Program 

We offer parenting classes specificaly for fathers! If you are a dad of a child under 2 you can get baby items.