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About Our Fundraisers

Check out the "Upcoming Events" page for more information on each fundraiser. 

Sanctity of Human Life Item Drive

Held Annually in January 

We give away a lot of baby items throughout the year and when Sanctity of Human Life Sunday roles around in January our resources are depleted and we need some help getting everything restocked for the new year. So we ask the churches in our area to take up donations of baby items throughout the month of January, then we give away these items to our clients for free!  

Once we have collected all of the items, we hold a Prayer Vigil to pray over the items, the center, our clients and pray for the pro-life movement. The Prayer Vigil is usually held on the first Thursday in February.

Walk for Life

Typically held on the last Saturday in April.

The Walk for Life is a walkathon where participants ask people they know to sponsor them for how many miles they walk. It is our oldest and largest fundraiser. Along with the Walk we have games and entertainment for kids, food, music, and a silent auction. This isn't just a fundraiser it's a time of fun and fellowship for our community. All proceeds go toward funding our ministry.


Baby Bottle Blessings

Held in the summer. 

We ask churches and individuals to fill a baby bottle with change as a way to raise funds to help us serve families. We provide the bottles, all you have to do is tell us how many you need, take them home and fill them with change or bills, then bring them back and we will cash in the change. The money is used to buy cribs and car seats for our clients. The smallest amount of change is important, just like the smallest baby is important!

Other Ways to Help

1.You can choose us for your birthday fundraiser on Facebook

2.Choose us for your Kroger Community Rewards. 

3. Become a monthly donor. 

4. Volunteer

5. PRAY!

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