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Help us help others. 

Why we need your help. 

We are a non-profit ministry, which means we do not receive any money from the services we provide, or from the state. We are solely financed by fundraising and donations from our community.  

What we do with your donations.

When you give to the Life Center you are giving to a ministry that focuses on women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Our goal is to provide resources to these women so that they are able to care for their children in the best way possible. We provide parenting classes, peer counseling, baby items, maternity clothes, Bible studies, and information about adoption and abortion (we do not recommend or refer for abortions we only give information). Your donations help us provide all of these resources at no cost to our clients, as well as helping us pay our bills and keep our doors open. We cannot function without your generosity. Help us love every life by giving today. 

What you can do.

Become a Volunteer.

Participate in fundraisers.

Become a monthly supporter.

Give a one time gift.

Donate baby or maternity items. 

Pray for our center!

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